Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes - Guida e soluzione dettagliata - PlayStation 3 - Di seanloh (2023)

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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes PS3 Version guide by seanloh/ Dominage---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Table of Contents |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|1) Introduction || 1.1 About the author and the game || 1.2 Contact details || 1.3 Version History |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|2) Controls ||--------------------------------------------------------------------------|3) Characters || 3.1 Who’s in and who’s out || 3.2 Ieyasu Tokugawa || 3.4 Masamune Date || 3.5 Yukimura Sanada || 3.6 Magoichi Saica || 3.7 Kanbe Kuroda || 3.8 Tsuruhime || 3.9 Yoshitsugu Otani || 3.10 Keiji Maeda || 3.11 Yoshihiro Shimazu || 3.12 Motochika Chosokabe || 3.13 Kotaro Fuma || 3.14 Motonari Mori || 3.15 Tadakatsu Honda || 3.16 Oichi || 3.17 Nobunaga Oda || 3.18 Unplayable Characters ||--------------------------------------------------------------------------|4) Gameplay || 4.1 Heroes Story Guide || 4.2 In-battle || 4.2.1 Battle Objective || 4.2.2 Taking over camps || 4.2.3 Combos and Zennys ||--------------------------------------------------------------------------|5) List of Stages |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|6) Allies (Bodyguard) ||--------------------------------------------------------------------------|7) Items and inventory || 6.1 Weapons || 6.2 Accessories || 6.3 Materials || 6.4 Character Specific items ||--------------------------------------------------------------------------|8) Trophies ||--------------------------------------------------------------------------|9) Legal Stuff and thanks. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------This section is about introducing the author and the game just as the section heading states.-------------------------------------------- 1.1 About the author and the game--------------------------------------------Hello! I’m seanloh (AKA Dominage) and welcome to my very first FAQ thatI have written and I hope that this guide will help you players out thereplaying Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. The reason for mewriting this guide is because when I try to find guidesregarding this game, I couldn’t find one so I decided to havea go and write it myself.Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is a hack and slash game by Capcomwhich I regard it as the equivalent of Samurai Warriors by KOEIwith a Capcom flair to it. This game focuses on the build up to theBattle of Sekigahara in the year 1600 and begins from theBattle of Odawara Castle. As such, some of the characterswill not return as they are confirmed dead during the storyline.----------------------------------- 1.2 Contact Details-----------------------------------My email is I welcome any comments you may haveregarding my guide, tips and even criticisms as well. As this is myfirst guide, it might not be very good and I would appreciate it ifyou would help me with some issues and questions that I might haveregarding this game. You may also contact methrough Facebook. My facebook name is Sean ‘Dominage’ Loh.----------------------------------- 1.3 Version History-----------------------------------Version 0.1- Began the guide of Sengoku Basara: Samurai HeroesVersion 0.2- Completed the trophy sectionVersion 0.25- The battles section partially completed---------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Controls---------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is a list of the controls in Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes by default.Square button –- Attack/ Normal ArtTriangle button –- Special ArtCircle button -- Basara ArtX button -- JumpL1 button -- BlockL2 button –- Enter Hero TimeR1 button –- Special ArtR2 button –-L1 + Analog stick/ directional button – EvadeCircle button in Hero Time – Ultimate Basara artStart button – PauseSelect button – Taunt---------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Characters-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.1 Who’s in and who’s out--------------------------------------As the game focuses on the events of Odawara to Sekigahara,some characters are confirm deadduring the storyline. However, the game also introducesnew characters. Below is a list of charactersin the game and those that will not appear.*denotes new charactersIeyasu Tokugawa (Revamped) Mitsunari Ishida* Masamune DateYukimura Sanada Magoichi Saica* Kanbe Kuroda*Tsuruhime* Yoshitsugu Otani* Keiji MaedaYoshihiro Shimazu Motochika Chosokabe Kotaro FumaMotonari Mori Tadakatsu HondaOichi (New Moveset) Nobunaga Oda (New Moveset)Hideaki Kobayakawa* Tenkai* Yoshiaki Mogami*Kojuro Katakura Sasuke Sarutobi Kenshin UesugiKasuga Toshiie Maeda MatsuUjimasa Hojo Sorin Otomo* Muneshige Tachibana*Harumasa Nanbu Yoshishige Satake Hirotsuna UtsunomiyaHaruhisa Amago Yoritsuna AnegakojiNouhime Ranmaru Mori Mitsuhide AkechiZabii/ Xavi Shingen Takeda Hideyoshi ToyotomiHanbei Takenaka Musashi Miyamoto ItsukiHisahide Matsunaga Nagamasa Azai Yoshimoto ImagawaKennyo HonganjiThe next section will is about information of the playable charactersin the game.--------------------------------------3.2 Ieyasu Tokugawa--------------------------------------Force: Ieyasu’s Forces Element: LightWeapon : Brass Knuckles Title: Eastern SaviourHow to unlock: Available from the startChr info: Supreme Commander of the Eastern Army. Was taken in as an apprentice by Hideyoshi Toyotomi after being defeated. Rebelled against and killed Hideyoshi because he did not agree with his plan to take Japan by force. Fights to unify Japan through peace and bonds.--------------------------------------3.3 Mitsunari Ishida--------------------------------------Force: Mitsunari’s Forces Element: ShadowWeapon: Katana Title: Seeker of VengeanceHow to unlock: Available from the startChr info: Supreme Commander of the Western Army. His former master, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, remains his role model to this day. He is fueled by rage and the desire to get revenge on Ieyasu Tokugawa for killing Hideyoshi.Special Arts: Condemnation Lamentation Vexation DepressionSuper Arts: Extermination Decapitation Reverence--------------------------------------3.4 Masamune Date--------------------------------------Force: Masamune’s Forces Element: LightningWeapon: Sword/ Six Claws Title: Chief of OshuHow to unlock: Available from the startChr info: Charismatic young leader of Oshu. Trying to unify Japan with his Right-hand man, Kojuro Katakura. Was one thoroughly defeated by Mitsunari’s Forces, which led to the weakening of Oshu’s power. He is going after Mitsunari Ishida in order to win his pride back.--------------------------------------3.5 Yukimura Sanada--------------------------------------Force: Shingen’s Forces Element: FireWeapon: Dual Spears Title: Spear of Divine RuleHow to unlock: Available from the startChr info: Leader of Shingen’s forces. Was given this duty because Shingen Takeda is ill. Doing all that he can in order to bring Shingen’s dreams to fruition. Has a rivalry with Ieyasu Tokugawa that will come to a conclusion soon--------------------------------------3.6 Magoichi Saica--------------------------------------Force: Saica Faction Element: FireWeapon: Guns Title: Bird of ParadiseHow to unlock: Available from the startChr info: Third leader of the Saica Faction, a mercenary faction. Doesn’t care for money, and only has the Saica Faction take on jobs that will improve their status and standing in Japan. Each member of the faction is unified by a deep bond.--------------------------------------3.7 Kanbe Kuroda--------------------------------------Force: Kanbe’s Forces Element: WindWeapon: Chain Ball Title: Inadequate TacticianHow to unlock: Available from the startChr info: Former member of Hideyoshi’s forces. Was driven away south by Mitsunari Ishida after his plans to take over Japan by himself were discovered. Attempting to use the turmoil spreading across Japan to take over.--------------------------------------3.8 Tsuruhime--------------------------------------Force: Iyokono Forces Element: IceWeapon: Bow and Arrow Title: Innocent DreamerHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Ieyasu TokugawaChr info: Seer with the power of prophercy. Raised as a miko of Kono. Doesn’t know the evils of the world since she spent her whole life tucked away in Kono. Left to go protect her home and its neighbouring seas that have been affected by the war.--------------------------------------3.9 Yoshitsugu Otani--------------------------------------Force: Mitsunari’s Forces Element: ShadowWeapon: Beads Title: Sky WatcherHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Mitsunari IshidaChr info: Friend of Mitsunari Ishida. Helping to keep the Western Army inline as Mitsunari is blinded by revenge. Driven mad by his illness, he wants to bring bad fortune that equals his own to everyone in the world.--------------------------------------3.10 Keiji Maeda--------------------------------------Force: Kenshin’s Forces Element: WindWeapon: ??? Title: VagabondHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Masamune DateChr info: Carefree and thoughtful friend of Kenshin Uesugi. Nephew of Toshiie Maeda and Matsu. Trying to spend his day as quietly as Possible while serving Kenshin after the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Has a grudge with Ieyasu Tokugawa for killing Hideyoshi.--------------------------------------3.11 Yoshihiro Shimazu--------------------------------------Force: Yoshihiro’s Forces Element: LightningWeapon: Greatsword Title: BeastHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Kanbe KurodaChr info: Great warrior and master of the Jigen-ryu. Feared across the Country for his powerful single blade attacks. Looked up to by many young warriors, he has decided to join the fight in order to help create a new Japan for the new generation--------------------------------------3.12 Motochika Chosokabe--------------------------------------Force: Motochika’ forces Element: FireWeapon: Anchor Title: King of the SeasHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Magoichi SaikaChr info: Pirate that resides in Shikoku. Successfully defended Shikoku from Hideyoshi Toyotomi, but failed when Ieyasu Tokugawa overran it later. Formed an alliance with Mitsunari Ishida after the attack by Ieyasu, his former friend.--------------------------------------3.13 Kotaro Fuma--------------------------------------Force: Ujimasa’s forces Element: WindWeapon : Dual ninja blades Title: Wind RiderHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Yukimura SanadaChr info: Mercenary working for Ujimasa Hojo. Legendary ninja known throughout the country. Nothing else is known about him as he has never spoken to another. Helping complete Ujimasa’s plan to bring the Hojo name back to its former glory.--------------------------------------3.14 Motonari Mori--------------------------------------Force: Motonari’s Forces Element: LightWeapon: Ringblade Title: Tactful LeaderHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Tsuruhime and MotochikaChr info: Cold and calculating tactician who has no trouble sacrificing his soldiers to win. He maintained a neutral stance until now, developing his territory into a nation that rivals both Ieyasu Tokugawa and Mitsunari Ishida’s power.--------------------------------------3.15 Tadakatsu Honda--------------------------------------Force: Ieyasu’ forces Element: LightningWeapon: Drill spear Title: Mighty SamuraiHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Yoshihiro and YoshitsuguChr info: General that serves Ieyasu Tokugawa. It is said that he has never been defeated by a single warrior, no matter their weapon. Mainly acts as Ieyasu’s guard during battle.--------------------------------------3.16 Oichi--------------------------------------Force: Nobunaga’s Remants Element: ShadowWeapon: Shadow Hands Title: Night WhispererHow to unlock: Clear Heroes story with Kotaro Fuma and Keiji MaedaChr info: Younger sister of Nobunaga Oda. Was the lone survivor of the Incident at Honno-ji, and returned to Nobunaga after he slayed her husband. This terrible act has eroded her mind, and she is now wondering the land with the blackest of hearts.--------------------------------------3.17 Nobunaga Oda--------------------------------------Force: Nobunaga’s Forces Element: ShadowWeapon : Sword and gun Title: Demon KingHow to unlock: Complete Oichi's Story once, then start again, taking the Green route, following Tenkai when you reach Karasu Castle stage, and the Green route, following Tenkai when you reach Karasu Castle stage, and killing Tenkai, and finish the route. After that, go back to any cleared character and look for a short grey alternate route near the end of one of their normal routes. Go down that route and follow the grey path, and clear the Honno-ji stage to unlock Nobunaga for play.Chr info: Known as the ‘Demon King’, he was brought back from the underworld by the flesh and blood of Oichi. It is unknown whether he is being controlled or acting on his own volition.---------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Gameplay---------------------------------------------------------------------------This section will cover some aspects on the gameplay that this awesome gameprovides.--------------------------------------4.1 Heroes Story Guide----------------------------------------------------------------------------4.2.1 Battle Objectives--------------------------------------Unfortunately for Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes, the battle objectives foreach battle is the same, defeat the enemy commander. Of course, you cannotjust rush for the enemy commander. For most battles, you have to defeatguard captains or officers to open gates.Defeat condition is relatively straightforward: The player gets defeated.This means that the battle is in your hands and at least you do not need todefend another officer who’s defeat will lead to your loss in battle.--------------------------------------4.2.2 Camps--------------------------------------Every stage in the game have camps in it. They are very important as theycan sometime turn the tide of battle.Troops spawn from camps. So by having more camps under your control, youwould have more troops helping you out, whether attacking or defending.This is extra crucial when you are playing in the tougher difficulties.Good thing about ALLIED camps is that they give you extra XP per camp.Also, when you reach a allied camp, sometimes the camp leader will giveyou boost such as increase in defense or attack temporarily, or restorehealth.--------------------------------------4.2.3 Combos and Zennys--------------------------------------Zennys are the currency used in Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. They areused to buy your accessories from the Basara Mart. Also, Zennys arerequired for one of the trophies: Millionare- where you need a balance of1 Million zennys.Zennys can be obtained after battles. If you obtained an item you havealready or it is weaker, then it will be sold for zennys. Sometimesafter battles, your bodyguards ( not necessarily the currentlyequipped one) will give you zennys.Combos occur when you hit enemy troops consecutively. When doing combos,the number of consecutive hits will be displayed on the screen.Depending on how many hits you have done, the following will be displayed.80 Hits - Ready100 Hits- NICE200 Hits- AWESOME300 Hits- RADICAL400 Hits- BASARA500 Hits- FRENZYAnother 500 Hits when FEVER is still on screen- SUPER FEVERNote: FRENZY or SUPER FRENZY will drop back to BASARA rank after a periodof time.If you get hit by enemies or do not hit any, your combo count will reset.However, when in FRENZY or SUPER FRENZY state, your combo count will notreset until FRENZY or SUPER FRENZY state drops back to BASARA rank (thanksto draewon for pointing this out)Your combo also play a part in your zenny earn rate. For each combomilestone you reach, your zenny multiplier will increase by one. If youpick up a golden hammer by destroying certain blue boxes, your multiplerwill also increase by one. Also, you will earn zennys for every hit youlash out.NICE -1x multiplierAWESOME -2x multiplierRADICAL -3x multiplierBASARA -4x multiplierFRENZY -5x multiplierSUPER FRENZY –10x multiplier---------------------------------------------------------------------------5. List of stages---------------------------------------------------------------------------This section will cover the 38 stages available in the game. I willinclude the enemy commander, other notable generals and thebonus objective with the amount of EXP given.< 1. Mount Osore [OSO] >Commander: Harumasa Nanbu (Shadow)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 2. Dragon Race at Oshu [DRO] >Commander: Masamune Date (Electric)Generals: Kojuro Katakura (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 3. Siege of Hasedo [HAS] >Commander: Yoshiaki Mogami (Ice)Machines: DrillatronBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 4. Headstrong at Kubota [KUB] >Commander: Yoshishige SatakeBonus EXP: 1)Occupy all camps 2)Defeat all enemy squads< 6. Kawanakajima Tundra [KAW] >Commander: Kenshin Uesugi (Ice)Generals: Keiji Maeda (Wind) KasugaBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 7. Flooding Ueda Castle [FUE] >Commander: Yukimura Sanada (Fire)Generals : Sasuke SarutobiBonus EXP: 1)Sneak attack on Yukimura Sanada -2000XP 2)Wash away Sasuke's duplicates< 8. Assault on Ueda Castle [AUE] >Commander: Masamune Date (Electric)Generals: Kojuro Katakura (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 9. Odawara Castle [ODC] >Commander: Ujimasa Hojo (Ice)Generals: Kotaro Fuma (Wind)Bonus EXP: 1)Occupy all camps 2)Suprise Ujimasa Hojo< 10. Kaerikumo Castle [KAE] >Commander: Yoritsuna AnegakojiBonus EXP: 1)Occupy all camps 2)< 11. Battle of Tedorigawa [TED] >Commander: Toshiie Maeda (Fire)Generals: Matsu (Light)Bonus EXP: 1)Occupy all storehouses (camps) 2)< 12. Cliffs of Mikatagahara [MIK] >Commander: Ieyasu Tokugawa (Light)Generals: Tadakatsu Honda (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1)Find the hidden camp 2)Defeat the pursuing Tadakatsu< 13. The Last Stand [TLS] >Note: Your objective is to defend your allied main camp until time runs out.Bonus EXP: 1)Beat 20 squads before any bridge lowers 2)< 14. Sekigahara- Schemes [SES] >Commander: Motonari Mori (Light)Generals: Mitsunari Ishida (Shadow) Yoshitsugu Otani (Light) Motochika Chosokabe (Fire) Yoshihiro Shimazu (Electric)Machines: Rising SunBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 15. Sekighara- Assembly [SEA] >Commander: Ieyasu Tokugawa (Light)Generals : Hideaki Kobayakawa Tadakatsu Honda (Electric) Tsuruhime (Ice) Magoichi Saica ( )Bonus EXP: 1) 2)Notes: Hideaki Kobayakawa will defect to the enemy side if you do not stop him from reaching Ieyasu's main camp< 16. Sekigahara- Intrusion [SEI] >Commander: Ieyasu Tokugawa (Electric) & Mitsunari Ishida (Shadow)Generals:Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 17. Sekigahara- Zero Hour [SEZ]>Commander: Mitsunari Ishida (Shadow)Generals: Yoshitsugu Otani (Shadow) Kanbe Kuroda (Wind) Yoshihiro Shimazu (Electric) Muneshige Tachibana (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 18. Sekigahara- Ultimate [SEZ] >Commander: Ieyasu Tokugawa (Light)Generals: Masamune Date (Electric) Kojuro Katakura (Electric) Tadakatsu Honda (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 19. Sekigahara- Aftermath [SEM] >Commander:GeneralsBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 20. Sekigahara- Betrayal [SEB] >Commander:Generals:Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 21. Kanegasaki Nightmare [KAN] >Commander: OichiBonus EXP: 1)Rescue all the hostages 2)Don't light fires, defeat OichiNote: The second objective requries you NOT to capture any camps, but the objective provides more XP then the camps give you.< 22. Siege of Kanegasaki [SKA] >Commander: Oichi (Shadow) & Tenkai (Shadow)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 23. The Honnoji Incident [THO] >Commander: Nobunaga Oda (Shadow)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)Note: You will fight Nobunaga Oda at least twice. He will be revived for each camp he takes through the Mortal Coil.< 24. Osaka- Winter [OSW] >Commander: Mitsunari Ishida (Shadow)Generals: Yoshitsugu Otani (Shadow)Machines: Death CarriageBonus EXP: 1)Defeat all enemy squads -2000XP 2)Break the Death Carriage in 1 min. -2000XP< 25. Retaking Osaka Castle [ROS] >Commander: Kanbe Kuroda (Wind)Machines: DrillatronBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 26. Osaka- Tiger Summer [OTS] >Commander: Yukimura Sanada (Fire)Generals: Sasuke SarutobiBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 27. Osaka- Dragon Summer [ODS] >Commander: Masamune Date (Electric) & Ieyasu Tokugawa (Light)Generals: Tadakatsu Honda Kojuro KatakuraBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 28. Saica Stronghold [SAI] >Commander: Magoichi Saica (Fire)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 29. Karasu Castle [KAR] >Commander: Tenkai / Hideaki KobayakawaBonus EXP: 1)Beat Hideaki when his fire is out - 2)Don't get near death, beat TenkaiNote: You can ONLY defeat one of the commanders stated above Also, as the bonuses state, you can only achieve one per run< 30. Gassantoda Castle [GAS] >Commander: Haruhisa AmagoBonus EXP: 1)Find the hidden camp 2)Beat Haruhisa before he runs 3x< 31. Battle of Itsukushima [ITS] >Commander: Motonari Mori (Light)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 32. Sea Battle at Nakatomigawa [NAK] >Commander: Motochika Chosokabe (Fire)Machines: Rising SunBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 33. Battle of Noshima [NOS]Commander: Tsuruhime (Ice)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 34. Pirates of Noshima [PNO] >Commander: Motochika Chosokabe (Fire)Machines: Rising SunBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 35. Mines of Ishikagihara [ISH]Commander: Kanbe Kuroda (Wind)Machines: DrillatronBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 36. Hetsugigawa- Memories [HEM] >Commander: Sorin OtomoGenerals: Muneshige TachibanaBonus EXP: 1) 2)< 37. Hetsugigawa- Heroes [HEH] >Commander: Sorin OtomoGenerals: Muneshige Tachibana (Electric) Kanbe Kuroda (Wind) Yoshihiro Shimazu (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)< 38. Ambush at Mimikawa [MIM] >Commander: Yoshihiro Shimazu (Electric)Bonus EXP: 1) 2)---------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Allies (Bodyguard)---------------------------------------------------------------------------This section will provide information about the allies availablein the game, their description and their assist abilities.I will only list out abilities with max confidence as I have maxed outmost of mine when writing this guide. There are 100 in all.---------------------------------------------------------------------------7. Items and inventory---------------------------------------------------------------------------This section will list out the items available in the game. This includesthe weapons, accessories, materials and character specific items.---------------------------------------------------------------------------8. Trophies and achievement---------------------------------------------------------------------------In my opinion, this is what that makes you want to play the game tothe very fullest as these trophies will provide an incentive for youto complete the game a 100%. I will list outthe trophy name, the way to get it and some tips if available.In alphabetical order:< 1. Army Annihilator (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story while defeating over 5,000 enemies.< 2. BASARA Fan (Bronze) > Finish a battle with a BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Art.< 3. BASARA Freak (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story while finishing every battle with BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Arts.< 4. Beast (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Yoshihiro Shimazu.< 5. Beloved General (Bronze) > Have "Support Beam" equipped for a whole battle.< 6. Better Than the Best (Silver) > Complete Heroes' Story on Hard while not equipping Accessories on your Default Weapon(1st Weapon)< 7. Bird of Paradise (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Magoichi Saica.< 8. Bounty Hunter (Silver) > KO Every Fugitive with a Single Hero< 9. Chief of Oshu (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Masamune Date.< 10. Combo Master (Bronze) > Perform a 2,000 hit combo for the first time.< 11. Comeback Kid (Bronze) > Finish a battle with an Ultimate BASARA Art while your health is low (5,000 health points or less).< 12. Complete Victor (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with all of the heroes.< 13. Considerate Commander (Bronze) > Finish a battle without breaking a single basket.< 14. Demon King (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Nobunaga Oda< 15. Eastern Savior (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Ieyasu Tokugawa.< 16. Fashionista (Silver) > Acquire Every Accessory< 17. Fearless Shogun (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story on Hard difficulty.< 18. Frenzied Fighter (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story while performing a combo of 500 hits or higher. Note: You have to achieve 500 combos in EVERY Heroes story stages< 19. Frenzy Noob (Bronze) > Perform a 500 hit combo for the first time.< 20. Good Friend (Gold) > Recruit Every Ally< 21. Good Parent (Gold) > Level Up every Hero to their Maximum Level< 22. Gourmet Shogun (Bronze) > Finish a battle after eating 25 rice balls.< 23. Hawk Eye (Bronze) > Finish a battle with a parry.< 24. Hit Count Hero (Bronze) > Perform a 10,000 hit combo for the first time. Tip: Recommended stage to get this trophy is 'Sekigahara- Intrusion' What I would do is to get into Hero Time and start to defeat the enemies. While in Hero Time, the combo count would not reset and KOing enemies will extend the duration of Hero Time. By doing this, you should get the trophy. Note that 1 bonus of this stage is acheiving 10000 hits.< 25. Horseman (Bronze) > Finish a battle on horseback.< 26. Humble Samurai (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story on Easy difficulty.< 27. Hundred Hour Hero (Bronze) > Play for 100 Hours< 28. Inadequate Tactician (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Kanbe Kuroda< 29. Innocent Dreamer (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Tsuruhime< 30. King of the Seas (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Motochika Chosokabe.< 31. Lover of the Fight (Bronze) > Complete all 38 battles.< 32. Man of Morals (Silver) > Complete Heroes' Story while defeating less than 100 Enemies< 33. Mighty Samurai (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Tadakatsu Honda.< 34. Millionaire (Silver) > Reach a Balance of 1,000,000 Zennys< 35. Night Whisperer (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Oichi.< 36. One Trick Samurai (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story while using only Normal Art combos in at least one battle< 37. One Trick Shogun (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story while using only BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Arts in at least one battle.< 38. Pack Rat (Bronze) > Acquire every material.< 39. Peaceful Soul (Bronze) > Have "Sunglasses" equipped for a whole battle< 40. Proud Daimyo (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story on Normal difficulty.< 41. Samurai Hero (Platinum) > Acquire all Trophies in the game< 42. Seeker of Vengeance (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Mitsunari Ishida.< 43. Sideline General (Bronze) > Have "Hairs of Encouragement" equipped for a whole battle< 44. Singing Samurai (Bronze) > Have either "Lute" or "Koto" equipped for a whole battle.< 45. Sky Watcher (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Yoshitsugu Otani< 46. Slots Samurai (Bronze) > Have "Big Bucks Wallet" equipped for a whole battle.< 47. Smooth Operator (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story while taking no damage in at least one battle.< 48. Spear of Divine Rule (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Yukimura Sanada.< 49. Steel Liver Samurai (Bronze) > Finish a battle after drinking 15 drinks.< 50. Tactful Leader (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Motonari Mori< 51. Treasure Hunter (Bronze) > Acquire a combination of 24 or more hatena boxes and weapons from one battle.< 52. Vagabond (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Keiji Maeda.< 53. War Vet (Bronze) > Complete 100 battles< 54. Weapon Retailer (Silver) > Acquire Every Weapon in the Game< 55. Wind Rider (Bronze) > Complete Heroes' Story with Kotaro Fuma.---------------------------------------------------------------------------9. Legal stuff and thanks---------------------------------------------------------------------------This guide is and SHOULD be found at the following websiteswww.gamefaqs.comwww.gamespot.comwww.neoseeker.comThis document is Copyright 2010 Sean Loh. All rights reserved. If you wantto post this guide on your website, please give me an email and ask forpermission. Thank you.I would like to thankCapcom- For making this wonderful game and also making it in English (finally!)Masterwiki- For providing crucial information for me to write the guideGamefaqs- For letting me post this guide.Gamefaqs board- For also providing me with crucial info.Also a big thank you for reading my guide and hope that you enjoyedthis awesome game as much as I did.Do also look out for updates to this guide in the future.END


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